3 February, Jumla. 

Local Development Officer (LDO) Hari Narayan Belbase has warned that the NGOs which are negligent about coordinating with District Development Committee (DDC) Jumla will be punished by mobilizing police. 

He warned on this in an orientation programme on participatory and inclusive planning process organized with support from Community Development Programme (CDP). 

Most of the NGOs working in the district have been implementing their programmes in their own way and without necessary coordination with DDC; this has created problems to development efforts, LDO Belbase said. He said, "All the government and non-government offices should work through one door approach but this is not the case. NGO Desk has been established in DDC this year; all the NGOs working in the district should submit their programmes and budget." He said he would be obliged to take recourse to using police force if NGOs, in spite of continual orientations, turn a deaf ear to working according to approach, process and practices.      

Chhetra Bahadur Budha Thapa, Senior Programme Officer at the DDC, stressed that the NGOs which enter in the guise of development partners must register their budget and programmes in DDC. He further said that a policy to keep the unregistered NGOs from working will be introduced and endorsed by the upcoming 24th District Council in Falgun (February-March). He also requested the NGOs working in Jumla to submit their progress report to the DDC. 

Most of the participants of the programme pointed out that tendency of NGOs working unilaterally and chiefs of government offices leaving the districts in their own way have hindered development. Development partners and chiefs of government offices should not dare to escape by blaming local citizens, challenged the representatives of political parties. 

(An unofficial translation of the news published in Onlinekhabar (http://www.onlinekhabar.com/2017/02/537805/) on 3 February 2017)