Community Development Programme (CDP) has organised 3 days Regional Review and Planning Meetings from 10 to 12 July in Nepalgunj and from 17 to 19 July 2016 in Biratnagar for the western and eastern region respectively. Both meetings reviewed the progress as of June 2016, discussed pertinent issues, challenges and the way forwards as well as formulated the annual plan for the period of July 2016 to June 2017.

Mr Gareth Rannamets, Governance Advisor-DFID addressing the meeting (Biratnagar)

Addressing the meeting, Mr Gareth Rannamets- Governance Advisor of DFID briefly explained the DFID focus areas and highlighted the CDP's main objective is to support the local planning process.
Ms Mana Dahal, President of RRN extended her sincere thanks to DFID representatives for encouraging the CDP team through their participation in the meeting and urged to all participants for open discussion and come up with a concrete plan for effective and efficient implementation of CDP.

All 18 District Coordinators made the presentation on the progress against plan, issues and challenged faced during implementation and action taken to mitigate those challenges and the lessons learnt from their respective districts. Some of the districts had innovative presentation using short animated clips/photos of implemented activities so as to make participants feel all were physically in the field.

Participants of the meeting (Biratnagar)

There was an in-depth discussion on the presentation to clarify the issues and create a common understanding. The presented issues were further categorised under governance, livelihoods, DRR and climate change, infrastructure and management themes and there was a thematic group work on the issues and challenges and come up with a way forward for those pertinent issues which were later presented in a plenary for consensus.

Participants of the meeting (Nepalgunj)

Similarly, there were presentations on reporting requirement, financial management, administrative procedure and compliance, liaison and Information sharing, communication and knowledge management from Programme Management Unit (PMU) members, whereas baseline survey and data management and periodic village development plan were facilitated by OPM and WFP respectively.
Colin Risner, Management Consultant, had also presented his reflection on CDP review and planning meeting and his preliminary observation to date in both meetings.

District progress sharing (Nepalgunj)

Later on, the annual plan for the period of July 2016 – June 2017 were also prepared for all 18 districts in the meeting considering the seasonal variations, adverse climate, festivals, Yarsagumba collection period and geographical constraints.

Speaking at the closing sessions in Nepalgunj, Ms Minu Hada from WFP expressed the outcome of the meeting will help the smooth implementation of the programme. Mr Gobinda Neupane, Local Governance Coordinator-DFID expressed his happiness for open and live discussion on the issues and challenges in the meeting and got the opportunity to learn the field situation. He was hopeful for the effective implementation of CDP in the field as CDP has committed and energetic pool of staff.

Mr Durga Prasad Khatiwada, Team Leader of CDP in his concluding remarks expressed that he learnt more from the meeting as he is new for CDP. He reminded all the staff that no service delivery would be effective in the absence of governance and efficiency. It is very challenging to promote governance at present context; therefore CDP is working those remote districts.

Group photo taken during Biratnagar meeting

Similarly, in Biratnagar, there was a high-level representation from MoFALD in closing session. Mr Resmi Raj Pande, Joint Secretary and National Programme Director (NPD) of LGCDP was a chief guest for the closing session. Addressing the meeting,he highlighted the expectation of MOFALD from CDP in promoting governance and enhancing the social mobilisation process at the grassroots level. He advised to all CDP staff to work more closely with government agencies and play a role in strengthening the system.

Mr Gareth Rannamets, Governance Advisor-DFID said that they made a field visit to Sunsari district where they have the opportunity to observe CDP activities. They interacted with CAC participants, observe the construction of lab building for school and meet with DDC staff. All these events showed that CDP is doing its hard work on the field and he congratulated the staff for the good work in the field. He wished for the effective implementation of the programme in all districts.

Dr Niraj Narayan Joshi, Executive Director (a.i.), RRN expressed sincere thanks to NPD, LGCDP and DFID representatives for encouraging the CDP team through their gracious presence in the meeting. He also expressed thanks to all participants for their open discussion and come up with the concrete plan for effective and efficient implementation of CDP.

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