Dalit community of Rachuli VDC Ward No. 7 of Kalikot district is now very happy with the construction of school building with the support of Community Development Programme (CDP). Rachuli is 18 Kosh away from Manma, the district headquarter of Kalikot. The settlement of 52 households of Dalits was ever been ignored by the government agencies. People of this village had to work as wage labour or go to India for seasonal labour for their livelihood. Children of this village had to walk at least 2 hours to reach the school. Parents were unable to send their children in early age due to their economic constraints and geographical difficulties. Consequently, very few students had passed SLC from this village so far.  

A primary school was established in 2008 where around 80 students have been studying in the congested two rooms. Though a plan for a school building had been endorsed by VDC as per the 14 step planning process but it was not initiated to implement by any agencies. Now, Community Development Programme (CDP) took this initiative and built the two rooms school building as per agreement was signed among CDP, Janasewa Primary School and Rachuli VDC on 29 March 2016. According to the agreement, CDP provided Rs. 1,411,765 and community people contributed Rs. 206,949 for the project. CDP has also provided 32 sets of furniture to the school. 

Mr Dalajit Nepali, chairperson of School Management Committee says, "We had knocked the door of various agencies, but no one acknowledged our problems, but CDP came to our own place to listen to us."

Mr Chandra B.K, coordinator of Public Auditing Committee says, "I have witnessed many other projects run by other organisations, however, I found that CDP is the most transparent and focused to the grassroots."

Mr Dhan Singh B.K, a local expresses his happiness, "Earlier the villagers used to go to India for the seasonal labour but unlike previous years, we got the job in our own place."

-Nanda Prasad Adhikari

FSCM, Rachuli and Phoimahadev VDC, Kalikot