Now that the Chhau shed is demolished in 2 wards of Rugin VDC of Bajura, women in their periods will be able to stay at home and remain safe. 

Rugin VDC is almost 45km away from district headquarters of Bajura. The VDC can be characterized as remote, backward, poor and with social malpractices and discrimination. People are illiterate and has high prevalence of child marriage, and discrimination and violence against women. Women and girls suffer because of Chhaupadi in which menstruating women are banished to cattle sheds. 

Recently, the women who are the members of community awareness centres (CACs) formed by Community Development Programme (CDP) mustered up their courage to dismiss the discriminatory practice of Chhaupadi. The awareness brought about by the weekly discussion has made the women of four CACs from ward numbers 5 and 6 of the VDC demolish the cattle shed where women and girls in their periods were kept. The common Chhau shed of 110 households was located 20 minutes' walk from the village. The Chhau shed was insecure from wild animals as well as and was prone to violence.