An eye camp was organised by Citizen Awareness Centre (CAC) of Poshwalpur VDC on 18 December 2016 where 193 people received free checked up and medicines. The camp also diagnosed 70 cases of matured cataract and they were taken for surgeries in the local hospital. 

The camp was conducted with the support of Shree Janaki Eye Hospital, Janakpur, Tilganga Eye Pratisthan and Fred Hillowe Foundation. The eye camp was led by Dr Rudal Prasad Sah, Eye Officer and Ram Gun Sah, Eye Health Worker. The Community Development Programme (CDP), Dhanusha played the coordinating role to succeed this initiative.

The initiative role for coordination among CACs and Shree Janaki eye hospital was done by Khar Bhushan Sah, DC, CDP Dhanusha.  The contract was made between hospital and CDP Dhanusha.