The Chuchche Dhunga irrigation pond construction project has been completed in the former Jubidha VDC Ward No. 9, Kathauda of Kalikot district with the support of Community Development Programme (CDP). Under the project, an irrigation pond with the capacity of 58 cubic meters along with 400 metre HDPE pipe has been constructed. More than 4.1 hectares of agricultural land owned by 125 Dalit families has been irrigated from this water pond. Of the total budget, NPR 12,49,652 CDP supported NPR 11,06,652 and the remaining NPR 1,43,000 was contributed by the local community for this project.

Earlier, the people of Jubitha used to construct the temporary irrigation canal each year before the plantation, but the temporary canal used to be damaged while they were planting rice. Therefore, a conflict used to be taking place between those who already planted the rice and those who have not concerning the issue of maintenance of the damaged canal.  

The project also created the temporary employment as wage labour for the local people who were suffering from the food shortage due to the prolonged drought during the farming season. There is no conflict among farmers on the turn of using water and even there is no issue of frequent maintenance of the canal. The local people finished their rice planting in time, unlike previous years. This project also created an uneven peace and harmony among community people. Therefore, people are happy with this irrigation project.

-   Raj Kumar Chaudhari, FSCM, CDP, Kalikot