Former Daha VDC Ward No. 7 of Jajarkot district and current Junichade Rural Municipality, Ward No. 9 Panchala Syala village has a mixed settlement of Dalits, Chetris and Thakuris. Thakuris are socially and economically advanced compared to Dalits and Chhetris. Dalits were surpassed by the Thakuris and Chetris in terms of getting benefit from the public services and opportunities provided by different service providers including the government. 

Community Development Programme (CDP) formed the Panchala Citizen Awareness Centre targeting the poor and marginalized Dalit community on 17 August 2017. Mrs Mangala Kumari Basnet was selected as the Local Resource Person (LRP) and she had been facilitating regular ReFLECT sessions among CAC members. Several issues, such as alcoholism, gambling, untouchability, child marriage, polygamy, Chhaupadi system etc. were discussed during the ReFLECt sessions. They have also initiated the campaigns against those social and cultural malpractices. In addition, issues of constitutional and legal rights of the citizen and the women's rights used to be discussed with the conclusions that, there should be women leadership to effectively claim the women's rights during the ReFLECT sessions. 

As government declared the date of the local level election for 14 May 2017, CAC members were encouraged to contest the local election. As a result, Mrs Gorikala Luhar, a member of the Panchala CAC registered her candidacy for the Dalit Ward Member, and Mrs Mangala Kumari Basnet for Woman Ward Member and both candidates have been elected. 

Mrs Gorikala Luhar, newly elected Dalit Ward Member of Ward No. 9 of Junichade Rural Municipality says, "Knowledge gained through the discussion during transformative classes for the CAC under CDP, support and encouragement received from the CAC members made me succeed to contest and win the election. Now, I will work for the rights and interests of Dalit women and give priority for women focused programmes in this Ward."

Similarly, Mrs Mangala Kumari Basnet, LRP of Panchala CAC and newly elected Women Ward Member of Ward No 9 of Junichade Rural Municipality says, "LRP Training received from CDP and issues discussed and methods used during the weekly transformative ReFLECT classes, which I got the opportunity to facilitate it, encouraged to contest and made possible to win the local election. I am thankful to CDP for all these achievements. Now, I will dedicate my efforts to bring women focused programmes in this ward." 

-Man Bahadur Gharti, FSCM, CDP, Jaharkot