I would like to express my sincere thanks to the user groups and CDP/RRN team for the construction of disaster resilient Laukahi birthing centre. I also commit to provide essential support to run the centre. I hope this birthing centre will minimize the maternity death rates in days ahead and I want to make an announcement that the first child delivery in this birthing centre will get NRs. 5000 from my personal side.

-Mr. Aiyub Ansari
Chair of Koshi RM of Sunsari (During the inauguration of Laukahi birthing centre)

Before the formation of CAC, there was no opportunity for women to participate in a meeting and developmental programme. Men and most of the family members didn't allow going outside and always used to ask us to be at home and do household activities only. But, after formation of CAC groups by CDP, we are also participating in such events. We are able to raise our voices against the social malpractices. We didn’t know about village council previously, but currently by comprehending the poor’s problems, we bring forward our issues from neighbourhoods and settlements to ward level. We also took part and practiced public auditing of birthing centre of Laukahi.

-Diwani Mandal
LRP of Gulabari CAC, Sunsari

CDP focuses more on the implementation of works on the need basis and completes within the timeframe. It release the payments fast, after evaluation of works. It works with great transparency and accountability. CDP-supported projects are a model and are appreciated in our locality.

-Binay Kumar Yadav
Chairperson of the School Management Committee, Siraha

I am interested to utilize the CAC networks and spread and mobilize them on other social issues. So I have urged to all Local Government representatives to accept CACs as their social assets and not let them go wasted. I will coordinate with the Local Governments on this.

-Suresh Singh
Chief, DCC Mahottari

I have been observing various activities of government and non-government sectors. I have observed that CDP/RRN has demonstrated concrete results since 7/8 years in the district. I have visited project sites and found no compromise in the standard and quality. I wish the continuity of similar work in future. If am ready for the necessary support.

-Aviram Sharma,
Member, Provincial Assembly Member

CDP has been successful in making the poor and excluded stand on their own feet by providing vocational trainings. This should be replicated.

-Yam Kumari Khatiwada
Secretary, Ministry of Industry, (When she visited Rautahat)

Community Score Card practice has been very beneficial for Batara health post (Bara). Community score card conducted by CDP Bara 6 months ago has resulted in fulfilment of health 25 staff, punctuality in the staffs, and increase in the tools and equipment of the health post. Sincere gratitude to RRN/CDP for indicating our weakness timely and also in facilitating to overcome such weaknesses.

-Lal Babu Mandal,
Focal person of Feta RM health department, Bara

CDP has been working systematically and has taught the communities how to sew the net to catch a fish rather than catching fish and feeding the communities directly.

-Nawal Kishor Singh
Chief, DCC Bara

CDP strategy to reach the poorest of the poor at the remote locations is very much appreciated.

-Narendra Kumar Rokaya
Chief, DCC Bajura

The working procedures of CDP in the field of infrastructures is transparent, inclusive and active committee and sub-committee, division of work, quality of works in physical and documentation and other projects have also treated to follow similar procedures implemented by CDP supported projects.

-Man Bahadur Rawal
 Chief, DCC Jajarkot

I appreciate CDP/RRN support on infrastructure as well as contribution to strengthening local governance, and improving vocational trainings and other fields. I would like to request RRN/CDP to come up with infrastructure programme to cover the whole district.

-Chief District Officer
Mugu (as expressed during DDRMC meeting)